Spicy feta cheese spread
Garlicky yoghurt spread
Fish roe egg spred
Warm garlic pita-breads
with tomatoes, feta cheese, garlic and origano
Tuna tartare
with avocado from Crete
Seabass sashimi
with lime and olive oil
Carpaccio Black Angus Beef
rocket leaves, parmesan cream, marinated mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and olive oil
served with grilled pitas
Traditional sausage
served with mustard cream
Cucladicic fish soup
with fresh fish and veggies
Seafood kebab
Grilled avocado and seafood
with oil-lemon dressing
Grilled calamari skewer
in oil-lemon ink sauce
Grilled octopus
with Santorini fava beans, onions, olives and cappers
Oven baked potatoes
with artichokes, zucchini and oyster mushrooms with lemon, olive oil, gruyere cheese and herbs
Beetroot falafel
served with tahini-lemon-fresh coriander sauce and crispy pitas
Feta-truffle flutes
served with honey and sun flower seeds
Cheese soufflé
cheese and broccoli gratin
Fried Potatoes from Naxos
Santorinian traditional tomato fritters
Served with arugula and olive oil
Zucchini-vegetables fritters
with feta cheese and mint, served with yoghurt herbs
Fish n chips
Handmade baked spinach pie
Fried shrimps
with spicy garlic-mayo sauce
Steam Mussels
with garlic, fresh and dry onion, lemon, mustard, virgin olive oil and herbs
Smashed Grild egplant salad
with tomatoes, feta cheese, garlic and origano
Traditional lamb-beef kebab
Sweet fried potatoes